Act On Food Waste

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Our Mission

We make America’s food and fuel systems more resilient and efficient

We are helping to build a sustainable America. An America with food and fuel systems that withstand disruptions and waste less of our precious resources. Today’s problems are daunting, but we believe that innovative thinking, new technology and hard work can generate the changes that will make our lives better.

Making an Impact

Since it was founded in 2012, Sustainable America has made a direct impact on food and fuel sustainability through campaigns, consulting, investments, and public events.
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Pounds of Food Waste
Diverted from Landfills


Over 2000 Full Garbage Trucks


Gallons of Fuel Saved


A Free Tank of Gas Every Week For 2,000 Years!


People Educated


The Population of
New York City, Los Angeles,
Chicago, Houston & Phoenix Combined


LBS of CO2 Emissions Reduced


The Carbon Sequestered
By 41,000 Acres of Trees

The Food Problem

40%of the food produced in America is wasted

49 MillionAmericans go to bed hungry every year

25%of the freshwater used in America goes to producing food that never gets eaten

The Fuel Problem

12 Milliongallons of fuel is wasted by idling every day in the U.S.

31%Americans spend 31% of their paychecks on food and transportation

27%of US greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles

Big Problems, Bold Goals

Strong, healthy food and fuel systems are within our reach

Finding sustainable ways to meet our long-term food and fuel needs is essential to the future of our country and planet. That's why we've set out to reach two important goals by 2035: increase food availability by 50% and reduce oil consumption by 50%. Achieving these foundational goals will help preserve our environment, strengthen our economy and make millions of lives better.

Reduce Oil Consumption By 50%

Increase Food Availability By 50%


Help us build a more sustainable America

You can be part of building a sustainable America by getting involved in our campaigns, corporate sustainability programs, and events.

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