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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

In case you missed some, here’s a roundup of our most popular blog posts of the year. Based on this list, it seems that you all are working on ways to waste less, garden more and learn about the latest fuel-saving technologies. Keep it up!

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1. 10 Things to Do With Banana Peels: Think a banana peel is only good for the trash? Guess again. (Infographic)

2. 5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Start Growing Food: Green thumbs not required

3. 5 Ways to Green Your K-Cup: Convenient coffee that doesn’t inconvenience the planet?

4. Cooking for One With Zero Waste: Tips for making delicious, healthy and unique meals for one without throwing half of it in the garbage.

5. 10 Things to Do With Stale Bread: When’s the last time you used a whole loaf of bread, down to the last crumb? (Infographic)

6. How the Trucking Industry Can Save Billions of Gallons of Fuel Per Year: Could new technologies could make truck idling obsolete? (Infographic)

7. 10 Ways to Use Extra Garden Vegetables: When you have a bumper crop of veggies, here’s how to make sure none of it goes to waste.

8. I Want to Compost, but…: The dirt on finding your way to the composting life

9. ‘We Survived for 6 Months on Discarded Food’: Q&A with the filmmakers behind Just Eat It, the food waste documentary that’s been making headlines around the world.

10. Renewable Natural Gas: Clean, Green Energy: Let’s put our waste to work! (Infographic)

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Currently 50 million households suffer from food insecurity, meaning that family members cannot always meet their basic food needs.

10 million people a year could be fed through the recovery of just one-fifth of food waste.

Only 2% of food waste is composted or otherwise recycled—62% of paper is recycled.

Consumers throw out about 40% of the fresh and frozen fish they buy.

The U.S. produced 208 pounds of meat per person in 2009—60% more than Europe.

Low income commuters spend a much higher proportion of their wages on gas—8.6% versus 2.1% at $4 per gallon.

Food prices rose 35-40 percentage points between 2002–2008.

Americans consume 25% of the world’s produced oil, but our nation holds less than 3% of the world’s proven oil reserves.

The International Energy Agency says greenhouse gas emissions rose 3.2% last year, with a 9.3% increase in China offsetting declines in the US and EU.

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