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8 States to Push Zero-Emission Cars

In October, governors from eight states, representing almost a quarter of the U.S. car market, announced an agreement to put 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles on the roads of their states by 2025. Here’s a state-by-state snapshot of how these states support clean cars.

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Rental Cars Are Going Greener

In addition to being eco-friendly and saving money on fuel on vacations and business trips, renting an alternative-fuel vehicle is a great way to test one out before making a purchase. Most rental car companies are now catering to eco- and cost-conscious drivers by offering a variety of hybrid and electric cars for both long-term rentals and shorter, by-the-hour use. For some consumers, a rental my be their first experience with this new technology.

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EV Charging Goes Wireless

Imagine walking into your garage every morning to a car with a full tank of “gas.” Now imagine the ability to refuel while you drive. This is the promise of wireless electric vehicle charging and it could eliminate the problem of range anxiety once and for all by providing EV drivers with better options for charging than conventional drivers have for refueling.

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Building a Better ‘Car’

Part car, part motorcycle, all electric, Lit Motors’ C-1 might be the future of commuting. Most Americans commute alone in cars built for four. The C-1 is built for one, can go 200 miles on a single charge and can get a driver to and from work for less than 50 cents a day!

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Fast, Sleek… Electric?

Untitled by Earl Wilkerson

Check out some of the latest designs in electric sports cars to hit the road and the race track. These electric cars save on gas but they don’t skimp on sex appeal.

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Smart Highways of the Future

Studio Roosegaarde wants to create a highway that glows at night, gives you a weather report and charges your electric vehicle… and they’re ready to build it as early as next year.

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Electric Car Rentals for the “Urban Eco-Curious”

Image: Smooth, by Flickr user Nicholas_T, under CC BY 2.0

Rental car companies are in a unique position to be able to introduce these new more efficient vehicles to the public slowly. If you’re interested in an electric or hybrid car, but you are afraid of how far it will go on a charge, renting an electric car for an afternoon of errands might be a nice, safe introduction.

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Current Electric Car Ranges

– – – 10% of trips are less than 2 miles – – – Average commute distance:18.8 miles – – – 95% of trips are less than 60 miles – – – EPA electric range of Mitsubishi-MiEV (62 miles) – … Continue reading

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