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9 Reasons to Get Excited About Cars in 2014

Ford’s C-MAX Solar Energi Concept Car

Ford’s C-MAX Solar Energi Concept Car could reduce a driver's annual greenhouse gas emissions by four metric tons.

With the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a wrap and the North American International Auto Show underway now, there has been a flurry of automobile news so far this year. While there were few truly groundbreaking announcements for alternative-fuel vehicles, there is plenty of good news to report. Thanks to increased fuel economy regulations, carmakers are continuing to tweak their cars to deliver more fuel economy at all levels of the market. While many innovations are ready to hit the roads, others are still aspirational ideas for the future. Here are nine reasons we’re excited about 2014’s new crop of cars and trucks.

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Gallons per mile

"Motion" by Hassan Rafeek

We’ve been taught to think of fuel efficiency in ‘miles per gallon’ but these researchers show that it’s ‘gallons per mile’ that really make the difference…

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US Demand for Oil and Gasoline Continues to Fall

Oil demand in the US will drop 0.4% to a 15-year low of 18.76 million barrels a day this year, according to a forecast released June 11 by the EIA (The US Department of Energy). Additionally, demand for gasoline, the … Continue reading

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Sewage to fuel

Exit the 405 Freeway at Euclid Ave and you’ll find the very first hydrogen fueling station that is converting sewage to fuel. This fueling station is located at the Fountain Valley sewage treatment plant, part of the Orange County Sanitation … Continue reading

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The Clean Car Calculator

Until now shopping for a high fuel efficiency car, like an electric or hybrid vehicle, could be confusing with overwhelming amounts of data to digest and compare, but students at The Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at The … Continue reading

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